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Gavin "Spinner" Mason Jake Goldsbie .................. Jay Hogart (2003-2006) Deanna Casaluce ................ Alex Nunez (2003-2006) Degrassi: The Next Generation is not considered to be a "spin-off" series of the other Degrassi series because no character from the older series became a regular character on The Next Generation". Ironically, episodes #51 and 52, "Accidents Will Happen" was shown in Canada but not in the U. Snake gives a speech to his class in episode #27, "White Wedding - Part 1" that begins: "Love ... Those are the theme lyrics for the 1977-1986 TV series, "The Love Boat"!

Ashley Kerwin (2001-2005) Christina Schmidt .............. Terri Mc Greggor (2001-2004) Mike Lobel ..................... A few other characters also made one or two guest-starring appearances or were seen in cameos. T.'s first and middle names "James Tiberius" were the same as those of "Captain Kirk" on the original 1966 version of "Star Trek". Then episode#67, "Time Stands Still - Part 2" had a viewer discretion advisory in Canada due to a school-shooting and there was no such advisory in the U. Every season 2-6 episode title on Degrassi: The Next Generation was the name of a 1980s song!

Years before, his mother, Julia, left his father, Allen (Hugh Dillon) for Joey Jeremiah (Pat Mastroianni) and had another child, Angela (Alex Steele).

Ellie Nash (2002-2006) Andrea Lewis ................... Hazel Aden (2002-2006) Jake Epstein ................... Craig Manning (2002-2006) Melissa Mc Intyre ...............

If there’s anything Degrassi (recently named one of the best high school shows of all time by Paste) loves more than toying with its audience, it’s subjecting its teenage characters to repeated hardships.

My parents gave up everything so we could have a better life. Happy #Veterans Day Listen to #Battle Scars from @Panoply pic.twitter.com/YVi Gcx3dd4 Introducing BATTLE SCARS!

I joined @USArmy to give back to the Country that I call home. Host and @USArmy veteran @_thomtran interviews veterans about their riveting stories from the frontlines.

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At the end of season 2, Craig and Albert start to rekindle their relationship, but the two get into a fight over Craig returning home. The following episode begins with Zoë waking up naked and discovering that she’s the subject of a viral video involving two teenage boys assaulting her after she’s blacked out.

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