Validating holistic scoring for writing assessment

As a result, such people remain unaware of their incompetence and accordingly fail to take any self- improvement measures that might rid them of their incompetence. The study evaluated the reliability and validity of the Writing Assessment Measure (WAM), developed to reflect the skills which children of different abilities are expected to achieve in written expression, as part of the National Curriculum guidelines in England and Wales.How do scores from writing samples generated by computerized essay scorers compare to those generated by “untrained” human scorers and what combination of scores, if any, is more accurate at placing students in composition courses?This study endeavored to answer this two-part question by evaluating the correspondence between writing sample scores generated by the ™ automated scoring system and scores generated by University Preparation English faculty, as well as examining the predictive validity of both the automated and human scores.This requires training evaluators in using validated rubrics before applying this knowledge to the analysis of student work.Teachers work together to identify exemplars that strongly correlate with the spectrum of work defined by the rubric.

Many departments or schools collaboratively grade these assessments during common planning time, or teacher professional development.

Otherwise your students may develop what educational psychologists call the Dunning-Kruger Effect. D.) Reliability of National Writing Project’s Analytic Writing Continuum Assessment System.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect describes a cognitive bias in which people perform poorly on a task, but lack the meta-cognitive capacity to properly evaluate their performance.

Although most portfolio evaluation currently uses some adaptation of holistic scoring, the problems with scoring portfolios holistically are many, much more than for essays, and the problems are not readily resolvable.

Indeed, many aspects of holistic scoring work against the principles behind portfolio assessment.

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