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When Sara comes home from college, there's only one person she wants to hang out with: her baby sister!Take Sara and her baby sister on a fun day trip to the mall, to the park, or just hanging ou... She has been waiting for this for a very long time, and is really excited about this important event in her life. She's a college girl who's been holding back on exploring her fashionista ambitions during high school, and now that she's got hundreds of hours of classes, her goal is to never wear the same outfi...The girls are now in college and they joined a sorority!Join Audrey, Jessie and Noelle as they prep for an awesome party.

They've just been accepted by the same college, and now they are going to spend the next four years stre...

They always have a perfect look, love to be stylish and trendy and they never leave the dorm without wearing a makeup. After touring countless campuses, Alice has finally made her list of schools to apply to.

Her first pick is the University of Cambridge, and she hopes that her application is good enough to get ac...

Help her get ready and pack her school bag for classes.

Then, choose the most fashionable outfit for her, and go to the college! Gwen just got into college, but her bedroom is a crazy mess!

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