Simcity crashes when updating backdating contract illegal

Most modern PC’s use CPU’s with two or four processing cores, but in the past most PC’s only had one and this occasionally causes problems with older games.

To fix this problem, you should configure the games shortcut to launch Sim City 4 and use only one of your computers CPU cores. Like many popular PC games, Sim City 4 didn’t stop growing or expanding after the official expansion packs were launched.

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This is a fantastic Christmas present, and takes one big worry off of our shoulders when dealing with complicated network setups. I've been busy testing a lot of puzzle pieces and NAM stuff today.

Every time I select one I can't help but see if I can get a CTD to happen. Unfortunately, I am not able to use this as the error says my version of SC4 Deluxe at which I use a CD to start up is not capable.

Random crashes:- If you experience random crashes while playing Sim City 4, it may be due to the fact that you are using a multi-core CPU.perversely required a persistent Internet connection to play.The result was that players experienced long loading times, constant disconnections, crashing and the loss of saved game data.Hundreds of user created mods, buildings and textures are available for the game.Head over to Simtropolis to browse and expand your Sim City experience.

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