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Oh God it's so big, I thought for the hundredth time, my gaze locked on the big cockhead, so much bigger than Jason's or Billy's, the only other ones I had ever seen.Licking my lips, I wondered what it'd feel like to run my tongue over his balls and up his long shaft, what it would feel like to pop the fat head between my lips and what his sperm would taste like as it dribbled down my hungry throat.

Markie takes a deep dive onto Chad’s cock, gagging himself with it before flipping Chad over and fingering his hole.I had learned to delight in the feeling of his hardness against me.Over the past four months I had taken to occasionally sneaking into Daddy's bed as he slept, although most nights I'd only stay two or three hours before fleeing back to my room, my pussy tingling as I fled." "Oh God, that's not right, I'm her doctor," he mumbled. " I cooed into his ear, each breath tickling him, caressing him, inflaming him."And it is big Daddy," I said huskily, my eyes drifting down towards the crimson cock that lay between our bodies. "Of course, you're beautiful honey, but..." he stuttered, reddening as he spoke.

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