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Both children were transported to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.Logan was transferred to Grady Memorial Hospital's trauma unit, where he died.The family said the dog did not have a history of aggression.San Marcos Police Department later stated in a news release, "there was not enough probable cause to obtain a warrant for blood tests on the father for drugs or alcohol.The father would not consent to testing for drugs or alcohol." [source citations] Louise Hermida, 75-years old, died after being attacked by her own dog.She was mauled in the basement of her 27th Street home.Her family adopted the dog nearly 6-years earlier from Animal Care and Control when the dog was about a year old.

The family had owned the male dog for more than 8-years and had raised the dog since it was a puppy, she said.Hermida had been planning to return the dog to the shelter because it was too aggressive and uncontrollable, but did not act soon enough.Family members said Hermida was trying to break up a fight between Boss and another dog when Boss attacked.The owner of the two pit bulls suspected in the attack, Cameron Tucker, 31, was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor reckless conduct, and later, one count of felony involuntary manslaughter.A judge later reduced the charges to misdemeanor manslaughter.

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[source citations] Skylar Julius, 2-months old, was killed by the family dog.

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