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Garrett angrily hits Poe for attempting to cut off Billy's trigger finger.He stays on the porch until morning, when the townspeople of Fort Sumner, having heard the news of his death, gather to see Billy's lifeless body.As Billy awaits his execution in the Lincoln County Jail for the killing of Buckshot Roberts, he is taunted and beaten by self-righteous Deputy Sheriff Bob Ollinger (R. Armstrong) while the hangman's gallows are being built nearby. He quickly retrieves Ollinger's shotgun loaded with "sixteen thin dimes" and shoots Ollinger dead in the street, saying, "Keep the change, Bob." Billy leaves town.Garrett warns Ollinger not to taunt Billy again or he will be fired and sent back to Texas then Garrett leaves town to collect taxes leaving his two deputies to guard Billy. After Garrett returns to Lincoln and recruits a new deputy sheriff named Alamosa Bill Kermit (Jack Elam), he rides to Santa Fe to meet with Governor Lew Wallace (Jason Robards) who introduces him to a pair of powerful men from the Santa Fe Ring.

Anticipating Garrett's arrival in Old Fort Sumner, Billy's friend Paco (Emilio Fernández) and his family leave for Mexico, soon followed by Billy.An old friend of Billy's, Pat Garrett (James Coburn), rides into town with Deputy Sheriff J. Six days later, Garrett and his deputies surround the small farmhouse where Billy and his gang are holed up.In the ensuing gun battle, Charlie Bowdre (Charles Martin Smith) and several other men on both sides are killed, and Billy is taken prisoner. Billy finds a gun hidden for him in the outhouse and gets the drop on Bell, shooting him in the back.Garrett rides to Roswell ahead of Poe to gather more clues on Billy's whereabouts.Garrett beats up a prostitute named Ruthie Lee (Rutanya Alda) and learns from her that Billy is in Fort Sumner.

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Alias had witnessed Billy's escape from the Lincoln County Jail.

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