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Do you really need your partner to be university educated, or do you just value deep, stimulating conversation?

Do you really need someone with a minimum of 10 stamps in their passport, or do you simply want a partner with a sense of adventure?

If you replace any perfectionistic tendencies you may have with more realistic ones then that compassion that you will be extending to yourself will carry over into how you search for partners.

There are likely a few things that you have always told yourself are absolute deal breakers for you when it comes to finding a partner for yourself.

How do you know when your standards are coming from a place of self-respect, as opposed to a place of self-deception? If your friends and family tell you you’re too picky, you’ve been chronically single for years, or you’ve been in unfulfilling intimate relationships for a number of years and you can’t seem to settle on one person, then this article is for you.So how should you examine your relationship standards critically?How do you know what is realistic to ask, and what is too much to be asking of any potential partner?Things you told yourself that you absolutely needed might fly out the window completely when you realize that someone who isn’t your “type” makes you feel more alive than you ever would have guessed.–Are you choosing your partner, or are your family, friends, society, and cultural influences choosing them for you?Don’t be so concerned with who you “should” be partnering up with, and check in with your own emotional response to the person across from you.

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A lot of them are probably totally legitimate (displaying dishonesty, a quick temper, or cruelty), but others… If you lose interest on a first date because your new acquaintance says one negative thing (maybe they were nervous or trying to be ironic), or forgot to clean under their finger nails, then you might need to give people a bit more of a chance.

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