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I’m Shona and I’m ready to be your Scottish phone sex slut, down and dirty for you. I’ve been playing with my pussy all night and I need a big hard cock in my young juicy cunt. My mouth waters when I think about wrapping my lips around a big cock, I get all misty in between my legs. I love to be ridden, mouth fucked, teased and taunted.Nevertheless, I thought I should try and attempt to offer up my advice once and for all - albeit, at the risk of repeating myself.Please note, however, that I am approaching the dangerous and controversial territory of dating in Scotland, from a North American perspective, and you may run the risk of being misinterpreted as "too forth right".The same cannot be said about Scottish men, I'm afraid.Which brings me to my first point: This takes some getting used to.However, I still think there is some hang over from the "olden times" when it was generally encouraged for men to be the "strong and stoic" type.

For example, in a busy bar, rather than a barman/woman openly asking who is next (although sometimes they do), there is a subtle social interaction taking place.

For example, it's not really polite to directly ask someone what they do for a living.

Sure, that is the second thing we ask each other in North America, right after "What's your name? So instead, you need to find these sort of details out in a roundabout way.

You will need to carry out a careful conversation and only when it is hinted at, may you ask someone what they do or openly try to guess.

The same can be said about asking someone if they're single/ married.

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