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Parents should note that users can send links to their profiles on the app via a text message to whomever they want, and it's possible to take a screenshot -- even of private groups -- and share it.

Only four years ago, Steve Fennelly, Elizabeth Perry and Mark Shandrow created their first sober living, which has now mushroomed into 14 recovery houses around Costa Mesa, California under the umbrella of the Solid Landings Behavioral Group.

It’s safe to say that their doggedness paid off; Solid Landings now offers the full continuum of care, from detox to sober living in their various houses, has close to 100 beds in all, and receives regular referrals from treatment centers across the nation.

And what they provide puts many of the high-end treatment programs to shame—residents can be treated for dual diagnosis, eating disorders, depression, self-harm and sex addiction and receive twice-weekly therapy, EMDR, Reiki and a variety of holistic treatments.

Overhead is low because of the unique skill set each of the partners brings: Fennelly excels at finding high-quality, low cost real estate that they can easily renovate while Perry is a self-diagnosed “bargain hunter extraordinaire.” Still, unlike many in the field, they’re realists. When you get sober, you have to change your approach, your outlook and your perception—everything.” To that end, Solid Landings employs several counselors in their AVEnues program whose sole vocation is to guide residents toward finding theirs: after roughly 30 days, clients are assigned an AVEnues counselor who helps them get either back in school or into the workforce.

“Even though we’re less expensive than many, it’s still expensive,” Perry says. “A lot of addicts come to us having failed out of school, so getting back in can feel insurmountable,” Perry explains.

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They also teach clients how to talk to prospective employers.

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