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Even if he does that you can be sure he has finished work and is just kidding around, which brings me to the next characteristic…HE PLAYS HARD….what’s all that hard work for if you don’t get to spend the proceeds?He LURVES to groove…whether its at the Club or the open air pepper soup joint at Obalende!Well, a crazy colleague of mine decide to take on the role of match-maker and started asking for their likes, preferences etc. That, I can tell you, put paid to her “Nigerian-husband” ambition.As they were giving it one by one amidst much laughter, one of them dropped the bombshell that she couldn’t cook. Overall, the Nigerian man may have his flaws (who doesn’t?

The countless “I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again” to the “It wasn’t my fault, she tricked me…into getting her pregnant!

Bold, brash, infuriating, funny, crafty, big-hearted, double-dealing, sexy, crazy, loving…take your pick!

All these adjectives (and more) describe the quintessential Nigerian man.

And don't forget that Nigerian men are the best in the whole world!

Be hard-working and no man will treat you less than you deserve.

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