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The family gets a surprise trip from Uncle Earl and Miley and Jackson are sent back in time to when their parents first met.

When Miley fails at getting her driver's license in time to drive to a big teen party, she returns as Hannah to pass the test!

"You're the last person that I would want to go anywhere with," Lilly tells Miley before storming off.

On their ride home, Lilly says she's moving back in with her dad.

Oliver says Miley and Lilly will be like that next year, assuming Miley doesn't get another movie offer.

It's more than just signing your cards and letters "BFF" and being an expert secret-keeper; it's being there for someone through the ups and the downs.

Meanwhile, Rico becomes the Stewart's house guest and drives Robby and Jackson crazy!

When Miley insists that she be allowed to have access to her own money, Robby takes her to open a checking account that she would be responsible for managing.

Back to Miley's story line: Jackson can't imagine Miley and Lilly not being friends. Miley calls Jackson a genius and decides to invite Lilly to Paris.Finally, Miley fesses up and tells Lilly she wants to do the movie.Lilly gets mad, mainly because Miley wasn't initially honest about the film.Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg are involved in the film. But after Lilly raves about their friendship, Miley backs down. Go to college and annoy Lilly enough to make her question the setup. Miley thinks everyone will freak out about her celebrity status, but that doesn't happen.Things get worse when they learn their high school rivals, Amber and Ashley, live in the same college dorm as Miley and Lilly.

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Convinced that he's trying to trick her, Miley grows paranoid about when to spend the money! In an attempt to help, Miley suggests Lilly have a yard sale which raises just enough for her to go.

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