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By offering the platform to other companies they do all of the branding and marketing for their sites and we share profits.”“It’s great for media owners as they really can’t lose – it’s just another way of monetising their traffic.Effectively a third of audiences are going to be single and online dating has really taken off.“Many of our clients are making £10,000 - £20,000 extra every month; it’s a very effective additional revenue stream.“We’re now the biggest site in the UK and now we have the majority market share in South Africa and Australia.”“We were based in Windsor and while it’s very pretty looking out over the castle and the park, London is the place for development talent.I was living at home with my parents and Steve remortgaged his house – it was a huge risk, I got myself into incredible debt.“My credit rating was only restored in the last three years – about the same time that the country’s was destroyed – but let’s not blame the credit crunch on me!“Between 20 we grew from nothing to £3m a year revenue, over the following four years we grew to £30m and we’re looking at £36m this year.“By using the white label model we only needed to invest in marketing the initial site and build the platform to host the other sites.Ninety per cent of our revenue comes from that and our partnerships with 7,000 sites up and running, so it’s a long spread.“We also have 20 of our own sites; Singles365was the first, we also have Dating and Dating to name the bigger ones.“It’s easy for companies to have their own dating site using our platform, all they need is a link on their site – we power the site, look after all of the backend software, run customer service and provide a vast pool of singles to populate their sites.“The highly successful Guardian Soulmates used a third party platform but they brought it in-house around six to nine months ago and they’ve really suffered because of it.

We went out and got half a dozen credit cards each and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds paying Google to make sure our ad came at the top of dating searches.”“No, we spent a couple of years juggling the credit cards.

We have just launched our mobile dating platform so that whoever uses our sites can access it on the go.“When people get home, or get on the train after work, the last thing they want to do is pull out the lap top and stare at a screen again and so mobiles are a great way to avoid screen fatigue.

“The biggest changes in that arena will be the use of location-based dating and we’ll be doing a lot of work in that area.

We can offer the most targeted advertising to companies imaginable.

We know the exact physical attributes of our users as well as their location and the fact that they’re single.

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