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Head of Household status provides for a larger standard deduction and wider tax brackets compared to the Single filing status.Persons who are widows or widowers and who claim a dependent child may qualify for the Qualifying Widow/Widower filing status.)Some states require registered domestic partners and persons in a civil union to file tax returns as if they were married.However, the IRS takes the position that domestic partnerships and civil unions are not the same as marriage.

It's been working really well for an app which depends on Py Qt, Py Qwt, numpy, scipy and a few more. That way it creates one compressed file for easy distribution.

This applies to domestic partners in the states of Washington, Nevada, and California.

Unmarried persons who are eligible to claim a dependent may qualify for the Head of Household filing status.

Here is a more complete description of the bundle_file option quoted directly from the py2exe site* Using "bundle_files" and "zipfile" An easier (and better) way to create single-file executables is to set bundle_files to 1 or 2, and to set zipfile to None.

This approach does not require extracting files to a temporary location, which provides much faster program startup.

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I developed this app without py2exe in mind then added it later. if the image folder can't be found it tries to pull the images from the exe resources. this is part of my sprite class and it uses a directx.

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