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You've all heard the old opera colloquialism "it ain't over till the fat lady sings". if you're going to have a Canada Month on your blog, it ain't over till you interview Brian Orser. He's won the Canadian novice title, Canadian junior title and the Canadian senior title (the latter EIGHT CONSECUTIVE TIMES).

These are actually potential fic prompts which I am very much surprised to accomplish in a span of like 2 hours since i started writing during travel time (in the train and while walking-no kidding! After reading the result, I do hope I'll write at least one of them into a proper fic.One boy miraculously survived and is sent abroad to master the art of skating. Every Pokémon trainer’s dream is to be in the Pokémon League, the competition of the best of the best.But fate is not amused and decides to punish Yuzuru for his defiance. In Shoma’s first year at the League, he aims to prove that he is the very best that no one ever was. Yuzuru had a few dreams, those that he realized wouldn't be crushed once he had his hands bound for life.I actually hope that one of these things can be potential fic prompts.A friend shared her unfinished work on this challenge.

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Sabi nila na ang asul na rosas ay simbolo ng pag-asa sa di matamong pag-ibig.

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