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To do this, you’ll need to pick one device that has the 1Password data you want to keep.

The others will be reset and synced from that device.

Once this is done, you’re free to empty your Recycle Bin and go about your day.

Here’s how: At this point, if all is well, you can empty your recycle bin.

As the replacement was rendered, the file in the host’s Dropbox folder seemed fine, but the rest of us were caught in an infinite sync cycle in which nothing was actually being downloaded.

This problem was caused by a conflict in Dropbox’s cache.

This happened most recently when a video being shared between myself and several coworkers needed to be re-rendered and replaced.

If wiping out the cache doesn’t clear the jam, you might consider quitting the Dropbox application and relaunching it.

Should that fail to work, rebooting your computer would be a reasonable next step.

This folder should be the same one that 1Password is using on all your devices.

If 1Password updated the vault on your Mac or Windows PC, check to make sure that the vault is making its way to Dropbox.

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Deleting your Dropbox cache on OS X is very much like it is in Windows. Not all sync issues are caused by conflicts in the cache.

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