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It is difficult to reconcile the woman you are, with the woman you need to be to survive.It is a steep learning curve—knowing when to stand up for yourself, and when to let it go.The attitude of many I have met see us all as disrespectful white women, who won’t be here for long.It is also seen as a women’s job to successfully carry children.One of the biggest struggles a woman in Tanzania faces is living with the cultural attitudes towards women.As a strong, independent, educated young woman who is known for being blunt and for always speaking her mind, dealing with the attitude towards women here has been difficult.I think one of the reasons is that I meet fewer local women than men.They are not running schools or orphanages, or in fact businesses in general, so I meet fewer and rarely have an opportunity to socialise with them.

That and the fact that women in Tanzania should not question what her man chooses to tell her—to do so is to show disrespect.

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Most of the locals here have never heard the word feminist, and culturally the concept is foreign to them.

While the men here are in many ways Westernised, they have no acceptance of the concept of equality.

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Day to day living though requires tongue biting, and not making a scene.

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