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And of course kiss haha Some of us have to understand that since they always mention they r "family" and close friends it might not happen because lots of people ship nalu with other people and it might ruin it for some people if the main couples get together.. So if the pairings do happen it would be at the end of Fairy Tail when it is about to cut off like in Inuyasha if any of you have watched that.

for example jellal and erza and gajeel and levy..since they've been through all these exciting adventures it might not happen..we all know how natsu acts and i couldn't really picture him having like those kind of feelings but i still have hope he will make them a couple because they r really cute together sorry lisanna but u have to realize he liked u as a kid goodbye Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia get married in manga chapter 400 after Natsu defeats Zeref. So I think that if any pairings will happen it would be at the end like I had said before so that is what will probably happen just a theory though.

I mean, c'mon, even young natsu supports nalu I believe Natsu and Lucy will get together.

Remember, Natsu cried when he thought Lucy was leaving forever after the Phantom Lord Arc?

If Natsu really likes lisanna (who is the enemy of nalu basically) why didn't natsu spend more time with her? But I wasn't sure if lisanna was even supposed to comeback but dont get me wrong. bye bye for now They will end up together because there in loooooove say happy and I don't remember what EPISODE this was but natsu said"it is pointless for me to be here if Lucy is not here" and guess who gets pistoff when Lucy cries natsu in season 1 Lucy thought natsu was asking her out ,natsu touch Lucys boobs,natsu saved Lucy 58 times I counted sorry lisana I I just hate you , here is a note for the person who made fairy TAIL CAN YOU PLZ MAKE ON WHERE THEY KISS I think it will end a lot like the show inu yasha. So notsu can get over it and move on and somehow end up with lucy and a few episodes with them dating and end the series. Plz leave any comments even if it might be mean I won't care I really hope so.

Anyway that's my opinion, if you don't like it fine, it's a free country, but I'm just stating what I think, and like I said up top, I have nothing against other ships, I just think these are better.

Erza likes Jellal 2 they MAY have kissed but that was open for interpretation. Natsu and Lucy are the perfect couple because of their strong bond and more. Jerza haters are all like " Oh Jellal hurt Erza, there's no way she likes him, or oh their just childhood friends, etc." But that scene in which the two almost kissed, but Jellal pushed her away and lied about his " fiancee" is a clear sign that their relationship is so much more than just a friendship. Gajeel and Levy, I don't care what other's think, but you cannot deny their love.

Ok, I have nothing against other shippers but here is my reasoning.

Just comment if you want me to talk about any other ships!

am coolsten finde ich: Mädchen: Sango, Kagome und Rin.

Jungs: Kohaku, Koga, Bankotsu, Inu no taischo und natürlich Sessy.kennt jemand hier Detektiv Conan? Am meisten Mag ich Sesshomaru, Rin, Bankotsu, Jakotsu, , Und ja ich mag sogar den nervigen Jaken und Ja auch Naraku.

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Ich sehe mir gerne die japanischen Folgen auf youtube an.

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