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Akro's pressed glass was opaque and most often there were colored streaks in the glass. If a piece of he glass is yellow on top to shades of amber colored to red on the bottom is called Reversed Amberina.

Finally, we discuss each individual "Types of Glass", its associated chemical formulation and or what manufacturing process is required to produce that individual type of glass.Some of the European companies were not making true "heat sensitive" Amberina.They were producing the pseudo Amberina which included Harrach.They felt that since selenium- based red glass was easier to press into molds.I suspect that cost of raw materials may have been more of a motivating factor. Libby first patented Amberina glass in the USA in 1883 for the New England Glass Company. Lock was the designer for the Cambridge works and W. Libby and sons was the owner of New England Company. Washington Glass Company of New Bedford, USA also produced Amberina in the 1880s for a few years.

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