Dating a highly sensitive man

When supported and respected, their empathy, creativity and wisdom can enrich all of the people around them.

Our innate nature is the result of our conditioning as well as genetics.

If they're in a relationship with someone who's more externally driven, they may withdraw and become subdued because they don't share the same interests.

It’s important to be patient during these times and just remind yourself of all the things you love about him, this keeps you from making things worse by spewing your anger.

The odds are high, therefore you may be sensitive or know someone who is.

If you would like to investigate further, there are many HSP quizzes online including the one on Dr. Highly sensitive people bring many gifts to our world.

Many of the most famous geniuses like Einstein and Robin Williams showed signs of the highly sensitive trait: empathy, deep processing and insights, creativity, and finding connections that add new wisdom to our world.

It's challenging taking in so much information and highly sensitive people struggle with their sensitivity.

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