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Follow that thought to its natural conclusion and you’ll dawdle and dawdle - until one day something in you digs in its heels, and you find yourself settled down in East Jesus.

Not ready for a little house on the prairie, we put the soft top down, sped up and passed on.

Yes, they were one horse towns – but there’s a strange small town magic in these small roadside attractions.

The smaller the place, the more you want to stop; the more you stop, the longer the road gets.

There are only 40 or so dark sky parks in the world (two in Ireland) and you should put some on your bucket list. Or for those who prefer a more savoury start to the day, try the bacon, hash browns, eggs over easy with lots of toast. Their official population of 1,500 or so seemed on the small side when you consider the amount of brewpubs, coffeeshops and restaurants in the place.

After such a star-crossed evening, a leisurely late breakfast is your only man – and nobody really does breakfasts like Americans do breakfast. Maybe the ranchers, coal miners, hippies and young urbanites just eat a lot?

About their dogs mainly, or the weather, and where to find the best steak in town. From Ouray we continued north along Route 550, sometimes blinking our eyes in the Colorado sunshine and thereby missing small towns with vague dreams of grandeur - towns called Dallas or Portland or Vernal – places with nothing more than a roadhouse, a gas (aka petrol) station, or someplace to get a coffee and something nice for the special horse in your life.Astronomers reckon that looking with the naked eye from a built-up area you can see 500 stars - at most. And then back behind the wheel, and back to the road, letting the magic of a Colorado road trip unfold.But in the Black Canyon you can see 15,000 and your eyes drink them in. And why not add strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream and nuts? By now we were long off the multi-lane interstates and the four-lane freeways, burning up the miles on a two lane highway - a road so small you could easily get lost. That was how we found our way into Paonia: a small town of tree-lined streets and wooden houses in a green valley.They call this line the Continental Divide and it splits access from sea to shining sea more accurately than any cartographer’s rule. And oh to be there in the warm Autumn days when the leaves are changing.It’s so beautiful that you find yourself whispering, so friendly and so utterly inspiring that it can leave you lost for whispers. Of course when approaching a mountain range as massive as the Rockies, your first question is how to get up the damn things. And not just any car, but a cherry red Ford Mustang with a soft top.

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