Bitdefender antivirus plus v10 updating

Method one: Remove the Damaged Registry key Both methods are not guarantee to fix uninstall error.

Method 1 will be complicated and risky for average computer users who may not sure which registry value key should be deleted.

The problem is, even though I have checked the option to have it wait for the reboot, it still does it anyway.

Well, after nearly two weeks, it seems that it didn't do jack. Only now it seems to happen right when I don't want it to, since it's always while I'm typing or something.

Download Windows Auto Uninstaller Every now and then, you encounter an error box saying that an error has occurred while running one of your applications installers.

In the following section, we will explain the error messages you might came across if any mistake made in uninstall process: A Setup Error simply describes a problem where an application install file cannot be loaded.

: SVesse Problem is, I've had that option in the settings checked, and it doesn't seem to do anything.

Though I did wait for about two weeks after Bit Defender Antivirus v10 initial release before installing to give them some time to correct any major problems. Bit Defender known to have issues with some resident security apps.

Below is a link to a topic at Wilders Security Forums on Bit Defender v10 products; seems like those who are using Bit Defender Antivirus Plus v10 and Bit Defender Internet Security v10 are experiencing more problems than Bit Defender Antivirus v10 users:» ··· t=141874FYI there's a un-official Bit Defender forum at:» fixed typo Well, repairing the installation didn't help.

The thing still forced a reboot on me, and again, it was right as I was in the middle of typing (on a message board, but still, that gets old really fast).

Moreover, Corrupted registry files can cause a variety of different error messages as shown below: The inappropriate ways of uninstalling cannot remove the associated registry entries completely.

If you always uninstall Bit Defender Antivirus Plus v10 or other unwanted software in those ways, the useless files and registry entries will eat a lot of system resources and the windows registry will have a lot of obsolete entries, and thus affect computer's performance. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl Alt Del) and check the CPU usage.

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