Best airlines for accomodating disabilities

The identification is necessary at airline check-in and at passenger screening.Place an extra set of medications in a carry-on bag and bring along a copy of your doctor’s phone number.Of late, however, he has been distracted by his wife’s recurrent illness (understandably) and her associated treatment. After a failed attempt to work with him to improve his performance, we fired him.He now claims that we violated the ADA and that we were obligated to accommodate him with regard to his care for his wife.Not all airlines allow you to bring your own oxygen unit.(An airline generally requires several days advance notice for people requiring therapeutic oxygen on its flights.) Put identification on both the outside and inside of luggage, carry-on bags and equipment (such as wheelchairs).Question: One of our management employees has a spouse with some serious health problems.

This will make the process go easier when you arrive at the airport.If you are traveling with a comfort animal or psychiatric service animal, ask about documentation requirements.If you will be requesting wheelchair service, make that request at the same time you make your reservations. If you are traveling with a service animal on a flight longer than eight hours, ask the airline about restrictions they may have regarding service animals.For carry-on item restrictions, contact your airline.Rolon wants travelers with disabilities to know that they are not alone when at the airport.

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