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It was a common practice at the time for a variety of reasons.The plaintiff’s attorney convinced the judge that backdating a contract resulted in a TILA violation.Auto makers had long required the contract date be within the incentive period or they would charge back the amount of the incentive in an incentive audit.

For most people, the severity of the crime lessens the likelihood of that crime being committed.I broke the law at least three times this morning before I left my subdivision.I was going 25 mph in a 20 mph zone before I put my seat belt on while checking text messages.It reminds me of when early e-desking tools allowed a dealer to structure leg into every deal.At least they learned, and I don’t see that deceptive practice anymore.

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It is common for two parties, particularly in the commercial context, to enter into a contract at one time, but agree to have the contract come into effect at an earlier time. Courts respect the parties' decision to backdate since giving effect to backdating provisions respects the parties' intentions as well as their freedom of contract., 1968 (the date the contract was delivered to the insured).

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