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In reality, the way competition actually happens in telecommunications is to have a world-class, basic, fixed-price, passive, wholesale wire to every home and business that can be used by any retail operator to provide services. Presto: prices charged to consumers begin to approach the marginal cost of the service and service quality climbs.

No one needs more than one world-class wire to a house, just as no one needs more than one water or electricity connection.

Or get the ultimate triple play when you order DIRECTV with internet and phone bundles in Enterprise. Visit here to search for DIRECTV local channels in your zip code. At DIRECTV, we don’t just offer satellite TV in Enterprise – we offer the best TV entertainment experience nationwide.

Stokab, the holding company, started leasing out dark fiber connections, quickly paying back the loans and becoming cash-flow positive.

In Stockholm today, more than 95% of residences — and businesses — have fiber optic Internet access connections.

But if Huntsville and other American cities, with their entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, sources of capital, and history of individual attainment, can take this totally straightforward step of building and leasing dark fiber, anything is possible here.

Low prices, ubiquitous connectivity, new forms of making a living, Wi Fi everywhere…we’ll bring all Americans closer to a thriving life.

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DIRECTV partners with the top names in phone and Internet services in Enterprise, and nationwide, to bring you the ultimate triple play bundles.

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